Full time student with a passion for developing software that makes life simpler.

Work History

    Lumen Technologies

    June 2023 - Aug. 2023

    Software Engineer Intern

  • •Optimized Lumen's email intent AI Model in Salesforce by leveraging Apex to clean incoming messages and Python with Pandas for fine-tuning training data, achieving a 7% accuracy boost.
  • • Applied feature extraction using Scikit-learn to eliminate redundant and irrelevant data in utterances, reducing the training set size by almost 40%, enhancing model accuracy.
  • • Visualized and presented the results of the AI Model using Salesforce Reports, highlighted and graphed essential metrics, such as accuracy, which enabled stakeholders to gain insights from the data.

    Meteor Studio at Arizona State

    Jan. 2023 - May 2023

    Software Developer (Part-Time)

  • • Collaborated with a team of six developers to create captivating interactive AR/VR mini-games using C# and Unity, to highlight sectors of the tech industry.
  • • Implemented and enhanced the project manager mini-game, utilizing C# scripting, by developing game mechanics to elevate user engagement by 8%.
  • • Facilitated cross-functional collaboration by incorporating features and ideas from three different departments into production.

My Projects